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New auction is coming soon!
New auction is coming soon - please come back and visit
  • New painting coming up for auction shortly
  • Painting will be displayed here prior to auction go-live
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For auction bidding rules, payment instructions and shipping information see below.
For previously auctioned paintings, see section below.
Bidding Rules ● Payment Instructions ● Shipping Information
  • To bid: simply note the current high bid listed and email a higher bid to me at the following email address:
Email the auction
  • Use the word BID as the subject of your email.
  • In the body of the email, simply state the following:
    • Your full name
    • Your state/province (or country if you reside outside of USA/Canada)
    • Your bid amount (in U.S. dollars)
  • Bids will only be accepted if all of the information listed above is provided.
  • All bids will be accepted in the order (timestamp) that the emails are received on my mailserver. I am not responsible for any emailed bids that are delayed in reaching my mailserver.
  • If your bid is accepted as the current high bid at the time it is received via email, your first name and the first initial of your last name (e.g. John D) along with your state/province, date/time the bid was received and the dollar amount of your bid will appear in the current bid listing on this page.
  • All bids are in U.S. dollars (USD) and do not include shipping. Please bid whole dollar amounts (no cents).
  • Most auction items have a starting bid amount. If you are the first bidder, your bid must be equal or greater than the starting amount listed in the painting description.
  • Shipping cost to anywhere in the contiguous USA or Canada is listed alongside each painting being auctioned and varies with the size of the painting. For bidders who live outside of this area, please contact me first at the same email address above and I will send you a shipping estimate prior to you bidding.
  • Please feel free to email questions about the painting being auctioned, whether you are bidding on it or not. Your question(s) and my answer(s) may later appear alongside the painting so others can see it.
  • If for some reason you wish to rescind your bid, please contact me immediately at the above email address.
  • If your emailed bid is not clear I may get back to you for clarification at the same email address you used to send in your bid.
  • New bids will be posted here on this webpage by 8PM ET each night of the auction.
  • Any opening bid value will be shown directly above the list of current bids.
  • Each auction ends at 9PM ET, 7 days after the last bid was made up to a maximum of 21 days after the auction starts. In the event a painting receives no bids, the auction ends @9PM ET, 10 days after the auction start. Here are some examples for clarification:
    • Bidding starts on March 10th at 8AM ET, a number of bids are accepted that day, but then no other bids follow. On March 17th at 9PM ET, the auction closes as 7 days have passed since the last accepted bid.
    • Bidding starts on March 10th at 8AM ET, a number of bids are accepted over the next 4 days, with the last accepted bid on March 14th. On March 21st at 9PM ET, the auction closes as 7 days have passed since the last accepted bid.
    • Bidding starts on March 10th at 8AM ET, and bids continue (no more than 7 days apart) with the last bid occurring on March 30th. The auction will still close the day after the final bid (March 31st) at 9PM ET as it will be 21 days past auction opening.
    • Bidding starts on March 10th at 8AM ET, and no opening bid (whether the auction has a minimum or not) is received for 10 days. The auction closes on March 20th at 9PM ET and the painting remains unsold.
  • All auctions to be paid via PayPal (preferred) or by personal cheque. I will email the final total with shipping included to the winning bidder right after the auction closes.
  • Shipping time depends on method of payment; if the painting is paid via PayPal, the painting will be shipped out the business day after the payment clears PayPal. If payment is made by personal cheque, the painting will be shipped once the cheque is received by me and the funds are cleared through my bank.
  • If PayPal payment is not made (or cheque is not received) within 14 days of the auction closing, the second highest bidder will be contacted to see if they wish to purchase the painting. If not, the painting will remain unsold and may come up for auction in the future.
Previous Auctions
Solitude - Female Mallard
Solitude - Female Mallard
Waiting for the Sun (Cliff Swallow)
Waiting for the Sun (Cliff Swallow)